Industry Application

UAVs have special advantages in military applications. The US military believes that combat drones are the development direction of the next generation of fighters. Combat drones that are being developed are planned to be put into combat use between 2020 and 2025. The speed of combat drones will reach Mach 12 to 15 and can be used for ground attack, air combat, and anti-tactical missiles.

UAVs can also be used for the following military purposes:

1.Scout drone

Conduct strategic, operational, and tactical reconnaissance, monitor the battlefield, and provide intelligence for the troops' operations.

2.Bait drone

Encourage the electronic reconnaissance equipment such as enemy radar to start up and obtain relevant information; simulate the display of fake targets, lure the enemy air defense weapons to shoot, attract enemy firepower, and cover the enemy's fleet penetration.

3.Electronic countermeasure drone

Reconnaissance and interference with enemy aircraft, command communication systems, ground radars and various electronic equipment.

4.Attack drone

Attack, intercept ground and air targets. The attack drone carries small and powerful precision guided weapons, laser weapons or anti-radiation missiles, attacks on enemy radars, communication command equipment, tanks and other important targets as well as intercepts tactical missiles in the booster segment. drone

It mainly simulates the flight status of aircraft, missiles and other various aircraft. It is used to identify the performance of various aviation (defense) air weapons and to train fighter pilots and air defense weapon operators.