Qingzhun-technical inspection and integration of armed unmanned aerial vehicles, participated in the first session of the first cup competition sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Finalist i

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From June 21st to 22nd, the first "First Cup" Technology Innovation Competition of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (referred to as the "First Cup" contest) was held in Shenzhen. The 120 cutting-edge technological innovation projects that emerged from the preliminary competition competed on the scene. On the same day, scientific research personnel, student groups from dozens of research units of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as various creative projects, technological breakthroughs and industrial applications of universities and business groups competed on the same stage, serving nearly 200 professional judges and mentors and industry. It has brought a "brainstorm" of future technological innovations with media observers, scientific research institutes and on-site audiences.


On May 29 and 30, the preliminary contest was successfully held at the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences ("Shenzhen Advanced Institute"). After the supervision of Shenzhen Futian Notary Office, the standardization of the guarantee review process was rigorous. A total of 120 outstanding projects were selected for the finals in the preliminary contest, including 105 winning finalists and 15 “resurrections” re-evaluated through “protection non-consensus”. Shortlisted projects. 

  The "First Cup" contest was initiated by the Science and Technology Commission of the Military Commission, sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and supported by the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government. It is based on the forward-looking, leading, exploratory and subversive nature of the frontier scientific and technological innovation of the military and the people, and stimulates the consciousness of independent innovation. Innovative thinking and foresight ability, in order to select scientific research or entrepreneurial reserve talents with potential for pioneering and innovation, and lay the foundation for the development of “subversive technology” urgently needed by the country.       

   Shenzhen Lightweight Technology Co., Ltd. Chadeng armed unmanned aerial vehicle passed the rigorous review and successfully entered the "first cup" rematch and entered the finals.



 It is the first in the country to launch 15 armed cannons with a range of 230-400m. It can be transported to the battlefield with infantry vehicles. It can provide flexible and timely infantry within 8 kilometers. New weapons and equipment supported by continuous air fire support. At the same time, it has the functions of reconnaissance and rescue, and conducts low-altitude reconnaissance and precision strikes against enemy targets, and meets the purposes of police anti-terrorism, public safety, and military infantry cooperative operations.

The First "First Cup" Future Technology Innovation Competition of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

List of winning contest winners


                                                                                                                  (Venue 1)


                                                                            1 portable skin in situ 3D printing instant treatment system

                                                                            2 ultra-wide spectrum integrated device

                                                                            3 super brain enhancement system

                                                                            4 single-ducted contra-rotating fan unmanned flight platform

                                                                            5 low-cost space life science experiment and application

                                                                            6 accurate on-site diagnostic system based on 3D probe

                                                                            7 High-sensitivity rapid isothermal detection technology based on CRISPR-Cas system

                                                                            8 LED-based universal optical communication

                                                                            9 military and civilian dual-use all solid state high energy density energy storage battery Power Phoenix Battery

                                                                            10 military and civilian dual-use high-efficiency photocatalyst anti-mold and hydrophobic protective agent

                                                                            11 military and civilian integration nuclear safety with special rare earth based functional materials

                                                                            12 Research and application of key technologies for high temperature thermistors for military and civilian integration

                                                                            13 Memory Revolution for Future Brain Reconstruction

                                                                            14 Space anger - small celestial manipulation and utilization

                                                                            15 space-moon large body expansion and curing technology

                                                                            16 cellulose conversion starch new technology

                                                                            Research on 17 Compressed Air Ground Ejection Auxiliary Power System

                                                                            18 efficient biopsy of circulating tumor cells for efficient capture and precision medicine

                                                                            19 Intelligent seawater degradable materials development

                                                                            20 tumor treatment nano robot

                                                                                            (Venue 2)


                                                                             1 "Bifang Bird" machine design


                                                                             3 inspection of one armed drone

                                                                             4 cover the eclipse - reveal the origin of the solar wind

                                                                             Optimal Design and Application of Viscous-elastic Characteristic Adjustable Intelligent Fluid with 5 Couplings

                                                                             6 bionic mooring robot

                                                                             7 Wearable Autonomous Individual Positioning System Based on MEMS Sensor

                                                                             8 precise automatic airdrop system

                                                                             9 wing propulsion system for marine and cross-domain robots

                                                                             10 space environment cloud classroom

                                                                             11 space on-orbit assembly variable configuration robot

                                                                             12 Raman spectroscopy combined with artificial intelligence for rapid in situ identification of microorganisms

                                                                             13 Self-destruction chip development for information security

                                                                             14 Intelligent orthopedic implant device technology for high altitude battlefield environment

                                                                             15 miniaturized high performance erbium-doped fiber femtosecond comb

                                                                             16 Industrialization of new straw continuous hydrolysis equipment

                                                                             17 new hydrofoil unmanned sailing boats

                                                                             Integrated application of 18 organic hydrogen storage in high power density soft fuel cells

                                                                             19 intelligent "bee colony" underwater target magnetic positioning

                                                                             20 cone section semi-buried one arrow multi-star horizontal separation technology


                                                           (Venue 3)                                                                           

                                                                              1 "Seeing nowhere" - blind area imaging technology research

                                                                              2 dynamic magnetic target intelligent sensing network

                                                                              3 two-dimensional black phosphorus photoelectric functional material

                                                                              4 high specific energy, high reliability lithium-sulfur battery and battery pack

                                                                              5 high-speed railway tunnel vehicle ground penetrating radar detection technology

                                                                              6 ocean super long distance acoustic blinding technology

                                                                              7 Ocean mobile energy supply platform

                                                                              8 Temperature measurement technology and system development based on rare earth temperature sensitive materials

                                                                              9 Research on high-speed light modulator based on new materials

                                                                              10 spine minimally invasive surgery visualization navigation system

                                                                              11 giant energy flexible ready-to-use storage technology

                                                                              12 military and civilian high-strength and tough polymer ceramic coating

                                                                              13 Future-oriented GaN-based HEMTs high-frequency switching device development and application

                                                                              14 nanometer color subversive industrialization technology

                                                                              15 Tianzhi Nebula Application Developer Platform

                                                                              16 Breaking through deep UV barriers - development and application of new laser frequency doubling crystals

                                                                              17-free cross-scale laser thermal lithography and system integration

                                                                              18 lensless coding mask computing imaging technology

                                                                              19 new anti-tumor monoclonal antibody fusion protein drugs

                                                                              20 silent generator with no moving parts at all