3D modeling tilt photography drone

3D modeling tilt photography drone

产品简介 Tilting photography drone3D modeling tilt photography drone

QZU-04 tilt photography drone        Shenzhen Qingzhun Technology Tilting 3D Modeling UAV adopts the most advanced design and manufacturing process in the world


QZU-04 tilt photography drone



   Shenzhen Qingzhun Technology Tilting 3D Modeling UAV adopts the most advanced design and manufacturing process in the world, can adapt to most weather and natural environment, highly modular body components; is a set of multi-rotor unmanned The tilting camera system is widely used in military, police, and other fields, and can provide users with faster and more intuitive 3D model data. The drone is especially dedicated to the development of military and police law enforcement agencies around the world. A practical and easy-to-use new tool with a more reliable execution system. At the same time, it is based on creating new products, improving user performance and ensuring fast, accurate and reliable data collection!


1. Automatically generate routes by selecting the aerial survey area;

2. Output a general-purpose PWM signal for aerial photography;

3, automatic route flight, but also can be switched to manual control;

4. High reliability, simple operation and use, low requirements for landing and landing;

5. The ground end monitors the flight status of the drone in real time;

6, built-in IOSD record drone flight information, easy to analyze the flight status of the drone;

7. The 3D model of the battlefield can be quickly established, and the 3D model can be used for urban planning, forest fire prevention, attack drills, etc., reducing inspection time and cost, and improving the enforceability of the planning scheme.

8, the camera group supports optical image stabilization, APS format, ISO 100-16000, can be used to shoot RAW photo format, providing more powerful space for post processing.

 Industry advantage

   The design of this product route is designed with dedicated route design software, which can satisfy the triangular ratio relationship with respect to the altitude, ground resolution and physical pixel size. In order to meet the production automation model, our product route design adopts 65% side overlap and 85% heading overlap. Through the application of supporting software, it can directly include height, length, area, angle and slope based on the result image. The measurement of the other methods greatly alleviates the low precision of the traditional model data, the deviation between the texture and the actual effect is large, and the production process requires a lot of manual participation and other problems. 

Technical Parameters





Maximum takeoff weight

15 kg

Maximum wind resistance

Level 6

Cruising speed


Communication distance

8 km

Leave time

30 min

Optical performance

5 cameras are turned on at the same time

Working height


Maximum rate of climb


Hover accuracy


Camera tilt angle


Takeoff and landing mode

Vertical takeoff and landing
















3D modeling tilt photography drone参数

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